Monday, November 14, 2016

Lawn bowls-variety sports

Lawn bowls-variety sports

For variety sport I am in lawn bowls. So far it has been pretty fun, but we have only done two lessons at the bowling club because of weather. But so far at the bowling club we have learned how to play a game of lawn bowls and how to score. You only get 4 lessons of the sport you get chosen to do so we have finished now. But we did it every Tuesday. To get there we would leave ten minutes before morning tea finishes to get there in time. It would take us about half an hour to walk there.

Every time we would have Mrs Dayal and Mrs Okeby walk with us. They would play as well. When we were there the first time we just bowled and then the second lesson (when we actually went to the bowling club) we learnt how to play a simple game of bowls and how to be a captain in the game and we learned how to score. We have only done lawn bowls twice, but it was a cool experience and it was fun.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Term 4 speech

Speech - how tech has changed our lives

Hi I am Lola and i’m gonna talk to you about how technology has changed our lives.
Through the years we’ve watched technology grow. And i’m not just talking about laptops and mobile phones. I’m also talking about different appliances in our everyday lives. Everyone uses technology, from children to elders.

It is becoming more important in our lives. If we were to compare technology now and ten years back you would see so much improvement.Or even the first mobile phone to the latest Iphone or samsung,again you would see a lot more improvement.But the are also downsides to tech and electronics.And not all pieces of tech and electrical things work the first time.

Actually most of the time factories or companies have to try at least 100 times to get one design right.A lot of the time in factories and workshops its testing.That’s why technology gets better and better.It gets better and better as people learn more about tech and how to improve it.

Also sometimes tech and electrics can blow up like a phone or even a circuit board.But people make new things because they learn from their mistakes.Now lets talk about how much a simple tech company makes per year from their new and old designs.For example in 2015 apple called it their most successful year by make a $234 billion dollars.

I could go on and say a lot more tech companies profits but that would take too long.So this has come to the end of my speech but i hope you have enjoyed it.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

halloween rapid writing

Halloween was here. I was out trick or treating with 3 of my friends. We came upon a graveyard that had been abandond many years ago. The trees were all twisted and dead.There were rocks everywhere and there were candles that were already lit.I could see the clouds full of darkness ant the full moon rising.It was cold and in the distance I could see and old run down house with all of the lights on.I could hear the owls and I could see them on the twisted tree branches.I saw a slight light coming from a lantern on a pole.But i was still just wondering who was in the house and who had lit the candles...

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Term 4 spec

This term I'm in design.So far it has been fun,we've soldered,we've learned how to read resistors,and lots more.The first lesson we learned the rules that approve inside the design room. The next lesson we made mini circuits with the electronic kits.We made a simple L.E.D circuit. The next lesson we learnt how to read a resistor and learned how to figure out how to tell how how many ohms are in a resistor. The next time we started soldering and that was fun.We learned how to simply solder two wires together. The next lesson we continued to solder but this time we soldered a wire to a piece of vero-board.So after that we started to make a L.E.D circuit using vero-board,a battery clip,a soldering iron, two L.E.D's, a switch, and resistors. First we drew on the board with pencil then we made it.That was only today so there will be much more to do.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


I heard a whisper but no one was there.
I was cold and i could feel the wind blowing and could hear the leaves cracking.My brother moved closer to me.I heard the whisper again.
“Find the compass.” the whisper said.

I knew it wasn’t real because i had such a wild imagination.But my brother heard it too.He nudged me on the arm.
“Did you hear that?” He asked.
“Yes ,what was it?” I asked.
“I don’t kno-”He said as he got interrupted by the whisper again.
“Find the compass!” It said the same thing but more slow and spooky this time.
“What is that supposed to mean?!”I questioned.

I guess it did kind of made sense because we were lost.Our family was poor.There was me,my brother Elliot and my mother & father. Because we were poor so while our parents made the fire i our little brick house right in the middle of the woods, we went to find food to eat.However we were never  so eager to eat so we went further than we ever had before.We got lost.Anyway we heard the whisper one more time.
“We have to find out what this means!!” Elliot demanded.We stayed up all night thinking.

The next morning we searched in the trees where the voice came from.
“Brooke,look a compass!!!”Eliot said with excitement.
“What now?” Elliot wondered.Not too long after that we heard another whisper.This time it was:“North.”Then it paused and started again. “South,West,”The voice said.
“He left out east,Maybe that’s the way home!!”Elliot suggested.
We kept turning around until the compass said we were heading east.We kept going till the sun went down.
The next morning we kept going until we saw a small rock path,We reconized it.It was the path to our house.
“Brooke we’re here !!”He shouted.I ran inside and gave my parents a hug.They said they were so worried.I didn’t know what or who that voice was but it got me home.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Inquiry T3

T3 Inquiry
The big question this term is - How does the media influence how we look at ourselves? I am working with Riley and we are going to make a video advertisement that will be advertising a mirror that can record you so when you turn around you can see what you look like.

We have tried thinking of different things but we google searched them and they already existed.But we searched up mirror that records you and there were no results.So we chose that. Now we are planning the advertisement.
We have also been watching a few ads as a class and talking about the ways people would buy the products or id the product better than others and most of the advertisements have celebrities in it so that’s why people buy it.

We also had George’s dad in to help talk about ads and ways people persuade others to buy their product